Men's socks

Manufacturer of hosieries the products ' line-Tex ' recommends that both wholesale and retail online store buy men socks in an assortment of own production under the brand ' RT ' (Sun). By purchasing our products, you get quality and comfort.   Only we have wholesale is always cheap.
Product, produce of the highest quality yarn best suppliers, with the addition of ' Elastane ' (80/20%);
-They are made on the latest high-class specoborudovanii, eminent technology ' Du Pont ';
-huge mass of colours is offered at your choice;
-socks manufacture all sizes from 25 to 31;
-product range is constantly updated.
we work for each and every one of you!
Socks have good elasticity, excellent air circulating, resistant to wear. Through ' Elastane ', they are very easy to use, always retain their shape, folds does not fall. Elastic band at the top of the sock, no double-breasted peredavlivaet leg.
for successful men a pair of socks is an integral part of the wardrobe, which is needed to go on a date, work, and even for sports. In today's world, where there is access to the Internet, you can buy socks wholesale from the manufacturer. This saves the budget, and the product can be inexpensive and of high quality. Selecting the right manufacturer from whom you can order the desired range, you simplify life for themselves and their families. Our company also manufacturer provides an opportunity for a buyer to buy wholesale men's socks. For any question you can get advice by using the online consultants. It is with great pleasure that our consultants will acquaint you with all the details and help you place your order. Absolutely all the products presented in our catalogue is available.
Socks wholesale from the manufacturer
Advantages wholesale purchase socks from the manufacturer are:
delivery throughout the country, in any locality;
-provides a full package of documents on realization of goods;
-products are manufactured from high-quality raw materials;
-always have discounts on various goods;
-product obtained from the manufacturer.
for you, our dear client, is an unexpected surprise, what we can offer. Our suggestion is that you not just can buy men socks wholesale, and buy them as a gift set.  To help others learn about our products, we encourage you to leave feedback about our work. Will thank you in advance.
We will always be different from competitors. Because we sell our products with love and care, setting the tone in leg fashion. We are one step ahead.
Through our online store, you have the unique opportunity to obtain sufficient profit from the sale of high-quality Ukrainian product, because we offer the lowest rates and exclusive approach to each customer!



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