Sport socks

If you are an active exercise means you can not do without this essential element of socks. Our products exclusively from quality material and deserve special attention from the buyer.
Sport socks from any ' Milestone-Tex ' designed specifically for fans of healthy lifestyle and sport activities. Product from the classic sock differs strongly pronounced pattern, improved foot subtend, enhanced Eraser top of the sock. The product is ideally circulates air, which increases the time sports in comfort. Are one of the best model options for our company.
What made
They are irreplaceable and fit for practicing any sports and maintain a feeling of comfort under all loads and in any shoe. This model on the 80% is made of cotton, and this excludes the fact that your legs are not rotting and discomfort should not bother. To serve you longer product, consisting of the heel and toecap added polyamide in the ratio of 16%. But the presence of 4% Lycra allows you to save the form and does not slip. Another important element in the structure is a flat seam at myske. It does not rub the toes. This is achieved through high quality, modern equipment and high-quality yarns, as well as reliable suppliers. You can safely say that the above facts pledge leg products production at the highest level in our country. Our craftsmen, designers are specialists in their field. To cope with this task!
with regard to sizes, size range includes a grid of 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, as you can see from the listed sizes shows that we think about people of all ages.
Major pluses can be considered:
arch support;
fixing ankle;
reinforced toe;
-reinforced heel; the
dual Board.
Buy sports socks wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine today is not a problem. To do this, just go to our website, pick a pleasing model and make your order through the shopping cart or call our Manager.
Sale large and small wholesale prices
products in our online shop is the most affordable. We draw attention to the needs and possibilities of customers, so there are both large and small wholesale.
You will experience all the benefits of working with us after you sign up and get the first order. On request, we can send a sample of leg products to you to appreciate our hard work.
Buying socks wholesale in our online store, you are purchasing the products directly from the manufacturer and get a reliable supplier of high-quality products. To our dear customers, we have a responsible attitude.
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