Delivery Information

Pickup with payment in cash or after prepayment from our office
You can pick up the goods and make calculations in our office. Also at this address is a store with products presented on the site.

Within 1-2-3 days in any point of Ukraine with payment after inspection of the goods you receive an order in the warehouses of the courier service (see below) after inspection of the goods money is paid to the manager. When arriving at the warehouse on your mobile phone number comes SMS with the number of the declaration for which you can receive the goods. You must have a passport or other ID and a declaration number to get the goods.

"New mail" (see the list of warehouses)

"Mist Express" (see the list of warehouses)

"Intime" (see the list of warehouses)

Autolux (see list of warehouses)

Delivery (see the list of warehouses)

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