How to make a sock cake

Do you want to surprise your man with a practical, but not an ordinary gift? Give him a cake of socks. Each representative of the stronger sex will surely like such an original presentation, and he will remember it for a long time. In addition, such a "dessert", created from socks of bright colors, will certainly appreciate the charming women.

What we need

The size of the cake depends on the number of pairs that will be used for its “preparation”. In addition to the socks themselves, this “sweetness” will also require a set of pins with a ball at one end and a flat, round surface that will serve as its base. For this purpose you can use a plate. Lace, lace, satin ribbons, multicolored cords, etc. are often used as decorations. Inside this interesting design you can put underwear, shower gel, shaving kit or other items that will also be a surprise and will be useful for recipients in everyday life.

Step by step instructions for creating a three-layer cake, consisting of 18 pairs of socks

Carefully fold the pair in such a way that one sock is above the other. Next, slowly wrap socks. The resulting roll fix the sewing pin, punctures from top to bottom. We do the same with the remaining 16 items, leaving one pair intact.

After completing the work, proceed to the formation of layers of the future cake:

- Of the eight rolls form a circle, placing them in a vertical position, next to each other. To facilitate the task, rolls can first be laid out with a cross, and then proceed to fill in the empty space.

- The resulting design is tied tightly with a decorative tape.

- To create the second and third layers repeat the above procedure, using respectively five and three pairs of socks.

- Next, we hoist one tier to another. First, we form a layer of eight pairs, then - of five socks, and the last tier - of three socks.

- Using pins we fasten the layers together. · Spread the resulting structure on a flat plate or board of suitable diameter.

- Take the remaining pair and put one sock into the other so that a small ball is formed, which we place in the center of the last tier. It is desirable that it be lighter than the other elements, since it plays the role of a “cream”.

How and what to decorate

Next, decorate the cake of socks to your taste. If it is intended for a man, decorate it with a satin ribbon or give it a more rigorous design using paper twine. For the beautiful half of humanity we “prepare” a bright multi-colored cake, each tier of which is tied up with a beautiful lace or braid. The creative approach shown in creating such original gifts will be appreciated by their thankful recipients.